Nice to meet you!

My name is Markus Hansson, also known as MightyMarkus. Im a Fide Arena International Master (AIM) My national over the board rating is 2000+,
Online rating on lichess / chess.com is 2400+.

I have been playing chess for over 16 years, teaching it from quite of a young age, for now almost 8 years.
What I enjoy the most about coaching, is to see my students making consistant progress at their game.

Some of my achievements include:

  • Estonian classical chess championships 2021- 10th place
  • Estonian youth rapid championships 3rd place
  • Member of Estonian youth team at European rapid championships
  • Hundreds of trophies and medals, won from different tournaments
  • European rapid championships top 200
  • Fide “National Instructor” Title since 2023
  • 4th place in Lisbon championships 2022
  • Chess.com coach of the month 2023